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Download this article. To view your current voter registration status, visit or click the link below to access the Arizona Voter Information Portal. You may submit a voter registration at the same time you apply for a driver license by completing the voter registration area on the application. Additionally, if you have been convicted of a felony, your civil rights must have been restored. This bill helps safeguard election integrity by requiring criteria by which counties would have to ensure and maintain their voter registration files are accurate, said Rep. Joseph Chaplik, the bills sponsor. Click here to change your address. Were not trying to catch any old person who makes an innocent mistake, Mesnard said. Snow has set no date for a hearing on the legal challenge. There is no fee to register to vote. First, fill in your full name-first name, middle name, and surname. After being tapped by Senate President Warren Petersen to run point on election bills this year, Rogers vowed to engineer a do-over of Maricopa Countys 2022 election, though it seems more like a fundraising gimmick than an actual plan. In just Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia we found over 54,000 same address duplicate voter registrations. Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 16, Article 5, 16-165 states that the county recorder shall cancel a registration at the request of the person registered. Instructs the county recorder to cancel a voter registration when the county recorder receives and confirms information that the registered person: a) Is not a United States citizen, including when the county recorder receives a juror questionnaire on which a registered voter has stated that the person is not a United States citizen; b) Has been issued a driver license or the equivalent of an Arizona nonoperating identification license from another state; or. If I am registered to vote in Arizona, am I required to register my vehicles in Arizona as an Arizona resident? Instructs the Secretary of State, at the end of each quarter, to report to the Legislature the number of deaths reported by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the number of voter registration cancellation notices issued by the Secretary of State to the county recorders as a result of those reports. And even if a voters registrations are not all canceled, nothing in the Cancellation Provision prevents the cancellation of the voters registration where the voter currently resides, is eligible and intends to vote a scenario that could also lead to disenfranchisement without notice.. 16-166(E). Arizona's chief election officer told a federal judge there is merit to claims that two new laws could interfere with the rights of some peopl, For Star subscribers: A federal judge has blocked the state from enforcing a new law that he said could inadvertently make felons out of volun. 2023 There were 5 ballots cast for the November 8, 2022 General Election by those who were eligible to vote a ballot containing federal offices only. If the voter does not respond and does have any voting activity by the second even-year federal election following the notice, the voter's registration is cancelled. b) Send notice that the registration will be canceled in 90 days unless the person provides satisfactory evidence that the person is qualified and must include the reason for cancellation and send it to both the address in the persons voter registration file and the address shown in the Arizona Department of Transportations records. He said that creates a new legal duty for people to monitor their mail and take action on early ballots that do not belong to them. An individual, partnership, company, firm, corporation or association that operates motor vehicles in intrastate transportation, for other than seasonal agricultural work. The general registrar shall acknowledge receipt of the authorization and advise the voter in person or by first-class mail that his registration has . Arizona Republican Gov. Voters may not be dead but when it comes to the state Capitol, common sense is a goner. Reach Roberts at You can also look up your voter registration using your state's voter registration lookup tool online. ARIZONA . Statewide Voter Registration Totals Page View All Links FEDERAL ONLY VOTERS Per A.R.S. Instructs the county recorder, before canceling a voter registration, to do the following: a) Send the person notice that the registration will be canceled in 90 days unless the person provides satisfactory evidence that the person is qualified and if the person does not provide such evidence, the county recorder must cancel the registration and notify the county attorney and Attorney General for possible investigation; and. To access the services above and more than 20 others, activate your account at AZ MVD NowAZ MVD Now. Visit your state's election website. Both the Senate and House election committees are chaired by election deniers. To qualify for voter registration in Arizona, you must: Be a U.S. citizen. Republicans pushing a plan to remove you (yes, you too) from Arizona's voter rolls Opinion: Among all the kooky elections "reforms" being considered by the Arizona Legislature, surely one of. Watauga Board of Elections completes biennial voter list maintenance, number of registered voters changes. Sens. Arellano also said the felony provision would apply to a parent who forwards an early ballot to a child attending school in another state if that parent did not know the child has registered to vote there, even if the student has no intention to, and never actually does, vote in two places.. IBM conducts audits of every security checkpoint several times a year. Ive not gone to investigate.. The measure was opposed by recorders who said their offices are not designed to be investigative agencies and warned that the measure was poorly written with the potential to cause significant confusion. Furthermore, the event is a portion of a nationwide effort from the party for Latino voter outreach. And he said that happens when people move because they dont automatically cancel their old registration. Division of Elections. Theres no mechanism of Arizona law allowing people to be automatically registered, but Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman of Queen Creek, the bills sponsor, said its important to prevent county recorders from operating outside the law. Canceling Voter Registration If you wish to cancel your Arizona voter registration, contact your local County Recorder's office for instructions. You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if you make a report of voter fraud that leads to a conviction. On Monday, the Arizona Senate passed HB2617 to require county recorders to cancel voter registrations for individuals who are proven to not be qualified electors, such as those who aren't U.S. citizens and those who have a driver's license or other non-operating license in another state. Not be presently adjudged as mentally incompetent as to your ability to vote by a court of competent jurisdiction. Mesnard, R-Chandler, who wrote the legislation, said there is no penalty on those who simply choose to ignore the mailing. You may also submit a Voter Registration Application ( Espaol) ( Kreyl) by mail. Curiously, Borrelli didnt mention the findings of the Attorney Generals Office after all those hours of investigation. Under the leadership of Editor-in -Chief Huey Freeman, our team of staff reporters bring accurate,timely, and complete news coverage. Verifying your eligibility to register to vote. Your name should be entered as it appears on your Arizona Driver License/ID card. The chairwoman of the House Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee is Rep. Jacqueline Parker of Mesa, who, like Rogers, was a co-sponsor of then-Rep. Mark Finchems 2022 proposal to decertify Arizonas 2020 presidential election. Doug Ducey vetoed a bill Friday that would require county recorders to launch an investigation anytime someone claims that a persons voter registration is invalid. All ServiceArizona transactions convert to a secured mode, using encryption through secured socket layer (SSL), as soon as the customer clicks on the icon from the home page. The AGs Office then said it spent hundreds of hours investigating those claims. 6. One example he gave: Students who register to vote where they go to school but have not actively canceled the registration where they were living before. How do I apply for an Arizona Birth and/or Arizona Death Certificate? Clearly, our elections are being determined by those whose forwarding address lies somewhere near the Pearly Gates or perhaps a good ways south of there. To register to vote in the State of Arkansas, you must: Be a U.S. citizen. State lawmakers across the country appear poised this year to continue a trend of revisiting rules for granting voting rights to people who were convicted of a felony. To cancel, you should contact the appropriate elections office and request that your name be removed from the voter rolls. Prospective voters who meet all the eligibility requirements can register to vote online. Register to Vote or Update Your Registration Register to Vote Online Now Arizona Registration Form Federal Registration Form Arizona Voter Registration Eligibility You must be registered 29 days prior to an election to be eligible to vote in that election. 16-165. of 8. For Star subscribers: Rules taking effect next month create "arbitrary" investigations into voter eligibility in Arizona, the lawsuit claims. The application must contain the applicant's original signature. The toll-free number is 1-800-274-8683. Ducey also signed a bill prohibiting public schools and other government entities from requiring COVID-19 vaccines of minors without parental consent. They looked at 30 ballot envelopes. The measure, sponsored by Republican Rep. Joseph Chaplik of Scottsdale also would have required election officials to cancel voter registrations if they learn someone has obtained a drivers license in another state or is not eligible to vote on Arizona. "Its totally in conflict with NVRA.. He also pointed out the law has a provision to allow outside third parties to provide recorders with credible information that a person has registered to vote in a different county. That will enable targeted voter suppression to cancel voter registrations, even if there is no evidence an individual intends to vote in more than one place, Arellano said. In total, she had voted eight ballots sent to her deceased fatherover time, while Mohave County failed to remove the deceased voter from their rolls. Ken Bennett, R-Prescott, and John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, agreed. Private data such as date of birth and the last four digits of the Social Security number are protected using a cryptographic one-way hash and then transmitted to ERIC. You may also register to vote, 2023 ADOT- This is a Free Drupal Theme, Law Enforcement Resources/AZCrash Report/Training Resources, Transportation Systems Management and Operations, Proof of Identification, Age and Authorized Presence, Authorized Third Party Driver License Locations. Ducey vetoes election bill, says it could allow 'bad actors' to cancel voter registrations. They came up with only a handful of potential cases, all of them isolated instances. A.R.S. this Title, 16-101 - Qualifications of registrant; definition, 16-102 - Power of attorney; prohibited use, 16-103 - Qualified person temporarily absent from state; persons in the service of the United States, 16-104 - Registration in incorporated cities and towns, 16-105 - Registration required by city ordinance or charter, 16-112 - Driver license voter registration, 16-121.01 - Requirements for proper registration, 16-122 - Registration and records prerequisite to voting, 16-124 - Public officer residing in county of post of duty, 16-125 - Change of residence to different county during twenty-nine day period preceding election, 16-126 - Authority to vote in presidential election after moving from state, 16-131 - Registration of electors; deputy registrars, 16-132 - Voter registration assistance; hunting, fishing, trapping licenses; definitions, 16-133 - Voter registration events; website posting, 16-134 - Return of registrations made outside office of county recorder; incomplete or illegible forms, 16-135 - Change of residence from one address to another, 16-138 - Voter registration database; federal only voters; analysis; annual report; investigation, 16-139 - Registration expenses as county charge, 16-140 - Voter registration assistance agencies; definitions, 16-141 - Armed forces recruiting offices; voter registration assistance, 16-142 - Secretary of state; national voter registration act; uniformed and overseas citizens; voter fraud hotline, 16-151 - Forms for registration supplied by county recorder and secretary of state, 16-153 - Voter registration; confidentiality; definitions, 16-161 - Official record of registration; federal form; reporting, 16-162 - Retention of registration forms and record of cancellation, 16-163 - Assignment of registrations to general county register; exception; notification to elector; electronic storage of registration forms, 16-164 - Change of registration on new registration form effecting change of precinct, party, address or name, 16-168 - Precinct registers; date of preparation; contents; copies; reports; statewide database; violation; classification, 16-168.01 - County contributions to the voter registration system fund; exemption, 16-169 - Disposition and use of precinct registers; signature roster; form, 16-170 - Transmittal of signature roster to county recorder; comparison of names by recorder, 16-171 - Preservation of signature rosters as permanent records, 16-172 - Use of county registration rolls by political subdivisions, 16-173 - County recorder to file data processing system or program, 16-181 - Return of registration; violation; classification, 16-182 - False registration; classification; cancellation of registration, 16-184 - Additional violations; classification, 16-192 - Use of state, special taxing district resources to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalties; definitions, 16-193 - Active registered voters; applicability, 16-202 - Notice of offices for which candidates are to be nominated at primary, 16-203 - Primary election for nomination of candidates in municipalities, 16-204 - Declaration of statewide concern; consolidated election dates; definition, 16-204.01 - Declaration of statewide concern; city, charter city or town; political subdivision consolidated election dates; voter turnout; definitions, 16-204.02 - Implementation of consolidated elections; term of office; alternative expenditure limitation, 16-205 - Election dates; notice; administration, 16-212 - Election of presidential electors; electoral college votes; vacancy; replacement, 16-213 - Election of United States senator, 16-214 - Issuance of proclamation for general election by governor; publication by clerks of boards of supervisors, 16-221 - Special election to fill vacancy in Congress, 16-222 - Vacancy in the office of United States senator or representative, 16-223 - Issuance of proclamation for special election by governor; publication by clerks of boards of supervisors, 16-224 - Proclamation by governor; time for electing delegates to convention for ratification of amendment to the Constitution of the United States, 16-225 - Special district election dates, 16-226 - Nonpartisan elections; local elections; time of calling; definition, 16-227 - Publication of call of election for nonpartisan elections, 16-228 - Notice of election for nonpartisan elections, 16-230 - Vacancy in certain state or county offices; election, 16-241 - Presidential preference election; conduct of election, 16-242 - Qualifications for ballot; nomination paper, 16-243 - National convention delegates; vote for candidates, 16-246 - Early balloting; satellite locations; additional procedures, 16-247 - Write-in candidates prohibited, 16-249 - Certification of election to parties; automatic recount inapplicable; tabulation, 16-301 - Nomination of candidates for printing on official ballot of general or special election, 16-302 - Failure to nominate candidate in primary election, 16-311 - Nomination papers; statement of interest; filing; definitions, 16-312 - Filing of nomination papers for write-in candidates, 16-313 - Filing of nomination paper and petitions for special primary election, 16-314 - Filing and form of nomination petitions; definition, 16-315 - Form of petitions; registration of circulators, 16-316 - Secure online signature collection; candidate petitions; five dollar contributions; statewide and legislative candidates, 16-317 - Secure online signature collection; municipal, county and precinct committeeman offices, 16-318 - Secure online signature collection; federal offices, 16-321 - Signing and certification of nomination petition; definition, 16-322 - Number of signatures required on nomination petitions, 16-331 - Election of superior court judges by declared divisions of court, 16-332 - Election of justices of supreme court or judges of court of appeals by declared terms, 16-333 - Preparation and filing of nominating petition for certain judicial offices, 16-341 - Nomination petition; method and time of filing; form; qualifications and number of petitioners required; statement of interest, 16-342 - Special election nominations by delegate convention, 16-343 - Filling vacancy caused by death or incapacity or withdrawal of candidate, 16-344 - Office of presidential elector; appointment by state committee chairman, 16-351 - Limitations on appeals of validity of nomination petitions; disqualification of candidate, 16-351.01 - Nomination challenges; expenses, 16-401 - Applicability of general election law to primary elections, 16-402 - Absence from employment for purpose of voting; application therefor; violation; classification, 16-403 - City or town primaries; duties of officers, 16-404 - Preparation of polling place; voting booths; ballot boxes for paper ballots, 16-406 - Public display of voting equipment, 16-407 - Election officers; qualifications; certificates; certification programs; plan; exemption; election training fund, 16-407.01 - Election administration; private monies prohibited, 16-407.02 - Elections training classes; statement; water; registration form, 16-407.03 - Election deadlines; filings; violation; classification, 16-408 - Cost of special district elections; bond, 16-409 - Certain cities, towns and school districts; mail ballot elections; report, 16-410 - Cancellation of certain elections; appointment to office; filling vacancies, 16-411 - Designation of election precincts and polling places; voting centers; electioneering; wait times, 16-412 - Effective date of new precincts, 16-413 - Precincts; special district boundaries, 16-441 - Effective date of article; approval of counting equipment, 16-442 - Committee approval; adoption of vote tabulating equipment; experimental use; emergency, 16-442.01 - Accessible voting technology; recommendations; certification; applicability, 16-443 - Authorization of use at all elections, 16-444 - Definitions; applicability of general laws, 16-445 - Filing of computer election programs with secretary of state, 16-446 - Specifications of electronic voting system, 16-447 - Voting devices; inspection; specifications and number of booths, 16-449 - Required test of equipment and programs; notice; procedures manual, 16-450 - Location and acquisition of vote tabulating devices, 16-452 - Rules; instructions and procedures manual; approval of manual; field check and review of systems; violation; classification, 16-461 - Sample primary election ballots; submission to party chairmen for examination; preparation, printing and distribution of ballot, 16-465 - Arrangement of candidates' names at primary election, 16-468 - Form of ballot; optical scanning system; sample ballots, 16-501 - Compliance with primary election law as prerequisite to printing name on ballot, 16-503 - Duty to prepare and provide ballots; cost of printing ballots and instruction cards as public expense, 16-504 - Antifraud ballot paper; vendor certification; antifraud measures, 16-507 - Presentation of presidential candidates on ballot, 16-508 - Number of ballots furnished each polling place, 16-509 - Delivery of ballots to election officers, 16-510 - Sample ballots; preparation and distribution, 16-511 - Duty of board of supervisors to furnish election supplies to precinct officers, 16-512 - Displaying United States flag at polls, 16-513 - Instructions for voters and election officers; overvote notice, 16-513.01 - Right to vote a provisional ballot; notice, 16-515 - "Seventy-five foot limit" notices; posting; violation; classification, 16-531 - Appointment of election boards; qualifications, 16-532 - Instruction of election board inspectors and judges; certificate of qualification; optional training; instruction of counting center election officials, 16-533 - Filling vacancy in election board by electors, 16-534 - Inspector as chairman of board; powers; power of board and clerks to administer oaths; oath of members, 16-535 - Election marshal; appointment; powers and duties, 16-536 - Compensation of election board officers, 16-537 - Powers and duties of election officers with respect to special elections, 16-542 - Request for ballot; civil penalties; violation; classification, 16-543 - Application for ballot; United States service; emergency procedures, 16-543.02 - Federal write-in early ballots; procedure; registration form, 16-544 - Active early voting list; civil penalty; violation; classification; definition, 16-548 - Preparation and transmission of ballot, 16-549 - Special election boards; expenses; voting procedure for ill electors or electors with disabilities, 16-550 - Receipt of voter's ballot; cure period, 16-551 - Early election board; violation; classification, 16-552 - Early ballots; processing; challenges, 16-558 - Special districts; mail ballot election option; conduct, 16-562 - Preparation and arrangement of polling place with voting booths and ballot boxes, 16-563 - Posting sample ballots, instruction cards and notice to voters before opening polls, 16-564 - Opening, exhibiting and locking ballot box before receipt of ballots; removal and opening of box, 16-565 - Hours polls opened and closed; proclamation of opening and closing polls, 16-566 - Opening and closing of polling place; unused ballots, 16-570 - Conduct of election; duties of officers; placing machines, 16-571 - Poll lists to be kept by election clerk; posting, 16-572 - Delivery and custody of ballots at polling place, 16-573 - Substitution of ballots when official ballots not available, 16-574 - Repair or substitution of machines; use of paper ballots, 16-579 - Procedure for obtaining ballot by elector, 16-580 - Manner of voting; assistance for certain electors, 16-581 - Elderly persons; persons with disabilities; inaccessible polling places; definitions, 16-583 - Voter not on precinct register; inactive voter list; procedure, 16-584 - Qualified elector not on precinct register; recorder's certificate; verified ballot; procedure, 16-590 - Appointment of challengers and party representatives, 16-591 - Grounds for challenging an elector, 16-592 - Proceedings on challenge; disposition of ballot, 16-593 - Rules determining residence of voter upon challenge; reading of rules upon request, 16-594 - List of challenges, grounds and rulings, 16-602 - Removal of ballots from ballot boxes; disposition of ballots folded together or excessive ballots; designated margin; hand counts; vote count verification committee, 16-603 - Inspection of ballots by party representative, 16-604 - Election integrity fund; purpose; exemption, 16-608 - Delivery of ballots; electronic voting system, 16-609 - Questioned legality of ballots; procedure, 16-610 - Uncertainty of voter's choice as cause for rejection, 16-611 - Certain defects invalidating vote for particular office, 16-612 - Determination of write-in choice of voter, 16-614 - Signing of tally lists after completion of tally, 16-616 - Preparation and disposition of unofficial returns, 16-617 - Transmittal of signature roster and precinct registers after election, 16-621 - Proceedings at the counting center, 16-622 - Official canvass; unofficial results, 16-623 - Copy of abstract of vote of certain counties filed with secretary of state, 16-624 - Disposition of official returns and ballots, 16-625 - Electronic data and digital images; ballots; security, 16-642 - Canvass of election; postponements, 16-644 - Effect of want of form in precinct returns, 16-645 - Canvass and return of precinct vote; declaring nominee of party; certificate of nomination; write-in candidates, 16-646 - Statement, contents and mailing of official canvass, 16-647 - Declaration of election to office; delivery of certificate of election, 16-648 - Canvass for state offices, amendments and measures; postponement, 16-649 - Determination of tie vote; notice to candidates; exception, 16-650 - Declaration of election to office; delivery of certificate of election, 16-651 - Proclamation by governor on amendments and initiated and referred measures, 16-661 - Automatic recount; requirements; exemption, 16-662 - Certification to superior court of facts requiring recount, 16-664 - Recount of votes by automatic tabulating system, 16-665 - Determination of results by court; distribution of copies of order of determination, 16-667 - Supplementary nature of article, 16-672 - Contest of state election; grounds; venue, 16-673 - Statement of contest; verification; filing, 16-674 - Contest of county or other election, 16-676 - Time for hearing contest; continuance; findings of the court; judgment, 16-677 - Inspection of ballots before trial; petition; bond; appointment of inspectors, 16-678 - Inapplicability of article to contests of election of legislators, 16-701 - Applicability of election laws, 16-703 - Qualifications of candidates for delegate; nominations, 16-705 - Determination of delegates; vacancies; delegate bound to vote in accordance with pre-election statement; classification, 16-706 - Meeting of delegates in convention, 16-710 - Compensation and mileage of delegates, 16-711 - Congressional provisions as superseding article, 16-801 - Representation of new party on ballot at primary and general elections, 16-802 - Representation of new party on ballot for county or municipal election, 16-803 - Filing petition for recognition; submission of petitions to county recorder for signature verification, 16-804 - Continued representation on basis of votes cast at last preceding general election or registered electors, 16-805 - Findings of fact and statement of public policy by the legislature of the state of Arizona concerning steps which must be taken to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens of this state and the safety of this state from international Communistic conspiracy, 16-806 - Proscription of Communist Party of United States, its successors, and subsidiary organizations, 16-821 - County committee; vacancy in office of precinct committeeman, 16-822 - Precinct committeemen; eligibility; vacancy; duties; term, 16-823 - Legislative district committee; organization; boundary change; reorganization, 16-824 - Meeting, organization and officers of county committee, 16-825.01 - State committee; vacancy; filling of vacancy, 16-826 - Meeting, organization and officers of state committee, 16-827 - Executive committee of state committee, 16-901.01 - Limitations on certain unreported expenditures and contributions, 16-905 - Committee qualification; requirements; exemption; adjustments, 16-906 - Committee statement of organization; amendment; committee limitation, 16-907 - Committee recordkeeping; treasurer; accounts, 16-911 - Exemption from definition of contribution, 16-912 - Individual contribution limits; requirements, 16-913 - Candidate committee contribution limits; requirements, 16-914 - Political action committee contribution limits; requirements, 16-915 - Political party contribution limits; requirements, 16-916 - Corporation, limited liability company and labor organization contributions; separate segregated fund; limits; requirements, 16-917 - Partnership contribution limits; requirements, 16-921 - Exemptions from definition of expenditure, 16-922 - Independent and coordinated expenditures, 16-925 - Advertising and fundraising disclosure statements, 16-926 - Campaign finance reports; contents, 16-927 - Campaign finance reporting period, 16-928 - Filing officer; statements and reports, 16-931 - Biennial adjustments; committee registration; contribution limits, 16-933 - Transfer and disposal of committee monies; limitations, 16-934 - Termination statement; filing; contents, 16-937 - Failure to file; penalties; notice; suspension, 16-938 - Enforcement authority; investigation; reasonable cause; notice of violation; appeal, 16-941 - Limits on spending and contributions for political campaigns, 16-942 - Civil penalties and forfeiture of office, 16-943 - Criminal violations and penalties, 16-947 - Certification as a participating candidate, 16-948 - Controls on participating candidates' campaign accounts, 16-949 - Controls on spending from citizens clean elections fund, 16-950 - Qualification for clean elections funding, 16-952 - One-party-dominant legislative district, 16-953 - Return of monies to the citizens clean elections fund, 16-955 - Citizens clean election commission; structure, 16-956 - Voter education and enforcement duties, 16-959 - Inflationary and other adjustments of dollar values, 16-1001 - Applicability of penal provisions, 16-1002 - Counterfeiting or distributing unlawful ballots; classification, 16-1003 - False endorsement, knowing destruction or delay in delivery of ballot; classification, 16-1004 - Interference with or corruption of election officer; interference with voting equipment; violation; classification, 16-1005 - Ballot abuse; violation; classification, 16-1006 - Changing vote of elector by corrupt means or inducement; classification, 16-1007 - Election officer ascertaining or disclosing elector's vote; classification, 16-1008 - Election officer changing vote of elector by menace or reward; classification, 16-1009 - Failure or refusal to perform duty by election officer; classification, 16-1010 - Refusal by election officer to perform duty; violation of election law; classification, 16-1011 - Counterfeiting election returns; violation; classification, 16-1012 - Intimidation of elector by employer; classification, 16-1013 - Coercion or intimidation of elector; classification, 16-1014 - Corruption of electors; classification, 16-1015 - Election wagers; classification, 16-1016 - Illegal voting; pollution of ballot box; removal or destruction of ballot box, poll lists or ballots; classification, 16-1017 - Unlawful acts by voters with respect to voting; classification, 16-1018 - Additional unlawful acts by persons with respect to voting; classification, 16-1019 - Political signs; printed materials; tampering; violation; classification, 16-1020 - Signing of petitions; violation; classification, 16-1021 - Enforcement by attorney general and county, city or town attorney, 16-1022 - Campaign finance violations; classification, 16-1101 - Redistricting; legislative district designation, 16-1103 - Legislative and congressional redistricting; census enumeration.

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