Type 2 Diabetes Fitness Specialist Online Course


This educational product is an online, self-study course.

Diabetes has a profound impact on our healthcare system and can lead to comorbidities such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and more. Every 21 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with diabetes, and 90-95% of those cases are Type 2 diabetes (T2D). The good news: doctors recommend diet and exercise as interventions to help those with Type 2 diabetes.  While doctors provide nutritional guidance via certified diabetes educators, and registered dieticians who study T2D and diet as interventions, there is little support on what and how to exercise and beyond 30 mins of daily exercise, like walking.

This course is designed to help fitness and healthcare professionals better understand the science, research, applications, and integrations of different types of exercise, and how they can support clients with T2D. The course will review what diabetes is, how it can damage the body, and review research and applications that provides health and fitness professionals the data to better support diabetic clients through evidence-based exercise programming. The course will also address behavior change support to provide professionals with strategies to help clients comfortably and confidently integrate exercise into their daily and weekly practice.

Course Author: Dr. Rick Richey

Course Length: 20 hours

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Course Objectives

  • Defining diabetes
  • Understanding Type 1 versus Type 2 diabetes
  • Potential reasons people get diabetes
  • Research surrounding diabetes and exercise outcomes
  • Understanding hormonal changes and implications involved with exercise for the diabetic client
  • Develop exercise programming and goal setting for those with diabetes
  • Review nutritional and dietary practices that can support diabetics
  • Discuss the importance and the challenges of sustainable behavioral change

Lesson Overview

  • Module 1: Introduction and Pathophysiology
    • Lesson 1: Rick’s Personal Story
    • Lesson 2: Pathophysiology
    • Lesson 3: No Judgments
    • Lesson 4: Communication with the Clinical Team
  • Module 2: Energy Systems
    • Lesson 5: Energy Systems
  • Module 3: Correlations and Contraindications
    • Lesson 6: Sedentary Behaviors
    • Lesson 7: Workplace Stress
    • Lesson 8: Sleep Issues and T2D, Part 1
    • Lesson 9: Sleep Issues and T2D, Part 2
    • Lesson 10: Cognition and AD
  • Module 4: Exercise Research
    • Lesson 11: Activity and Initiatives
    • Lesson 12: Physical Activity and Type 2 Diabetes
    • Lesson 13: Walking
    • Lesson 14: Aerobic Exercise
    • Lesson 15: HIIT Anaerobic
    • Lesson 16: Resistance Training
    • Lesson 17: Comparing Exercise
    • Lesson 18: Combined Exercises
    • Lesson 19: Specialty Modalities (e.g., yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi)
  • Module 5: Behavior Change
    • Lesson 20: Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change
    • Lesson 21: Self-Determination Theory
    • Lesson 22: Attribution Theory
    • Lesson 23: Affective Reflective Theory
    • Lesson 24: Small Wins
    • Lesson 25: Motivational Interviewing with Angie Miller
  • Module 6: Exercise Applications and Programming
    • Lesson 26: Introduction to Exercise Applications
    • Lesson 27: The Business Side
    • Lesson 28: Cardiovascular Assessments
    • Lesson 29: Planning and Programming
  • Module 7: Nutrition
    • Lesson 30: Dietary Considerations
    • Lesson 31: Interview: Brad Dieter

Course Delivery and Assessment

This is an online course; all materials are delivered virtually. This course is delivered through video narrated slide presentations, and interviews. Comprehension of the material will be measured via a mandatory, multiple-choice item, competency assessment requiring a minimum of 80% correct responses in order to successfully pass.

System Note: We recommend students access courses using Firefox as their browser. The Google Chrome browser can automatically play all videos in a lesson at the same time, which may be an extremely annoying feature for some, and for which, at the present, there is no easy fix in the Google Chrome settings.

Prerequisites and Certificate Information

All of the online courses here on MedFit Classroom which lead to a Certificate of Specialization are considered advanced level education, and are meant to be taken by fitness professionals who have previously acquired education and experience as a professional within the health and fitness industry. In order for one to receive the Certificate of Specialization conferred upon those who purchase this Fitness Specialist Course, one must review all the content, successfully pass the comprehensive assessment, and show proof of the following:

  1. Evidence of a current certification, or vocational credential, from a reputable certifying or credentialing organization, and within the health and fitness industry; OR, evidence of an associate’s degree, or higher, from an accredited college or university in the field of exercise science, kinesiology, physical education, fitness, or a related field; AND
  2. Evidence of professional liability insurance

Maintaining this Specialization and Continuing Education Credits

The completion of this specialization course, and the passing of its corresponding competency assessment, lead to a Certificate of Specialization. This Certificate of Specialization will be considered valid for a period of two years. To keep the certificate current, you must complete 10 hours of continuing education, on relevant subject matter, and formally renew the certificate prior to the date of its expiration. As with many certifications and specializations in our field, professionals should anticipate some costs to continuing education and renewal of the certificate.

Continuing Education Credits

This course is approved for:

  • 15 CEUs from AFAA
  • 4 CECs from canfitpro
  • 20 CEUs from ISSA
  • 1.9 CEUs from NASM
  • 2.0 CEUs from NSCA
  • Pending approval from ACE

If your certifying body is not listed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Specialization upon completing the course that can be used to petition your certifying body for credit. The MedFit Classroom team is happy to assist you with petitioning your own certifying organization.

About the Course Author

A combination of Southern charm and a passion for health and fitness education has made Rick an entertaining personality in the fitness industry. Rick Richey, DHSc, has been in the fitness industry since 2002 as a certified personal trainer, training manager, educator, orthopedic massage therapist, college and university adjunct professor, fitness industry presenter, as well as a subject matter expert and talent for fitness industry educational videos and written content.

He is the host of the NASM CPT Podcast / Webcast and formerly co-host of the Omnia Fitness Podcast with Rick and Drogo – powered by Everlast for two years. Rick is regularly used by media outlets for quotes and content regarding fitness and wellness. He has also written chapters in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Essentials of Personal Training textbook and Corrective Exercise textbooks. He has fought competitively in the World Kickboxing and Karate Association (WKA) and has served as a course educator for the NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist and the Everlast FIT certifications.

Rick is the owner of Independent Training Spot, personal training gyms located NYC, and co-owner of Omnia RēCOVER, an orthopedic and stress management facility in NYC. Other fitness brands Rick is associated with creating are The Daily Move Challenge, Human Movement Science (HMS) Resources, and Omnia Wellness. Rick has performed assessments, treatment, and/or training on numerous professional athletes, artists, and performers.

Rick has a master’s degree in exercise science with a focus on performance enhancement and injury prevention and a doctorate in health science and exercise leadership from CalU.